There is no place like the sea

June 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 Water is such an incredible and powerful substance. It is has such diverse powers and is one of the most beautiful substances on the planet. It has so many different moods and emotions. It has shaped our lives for centuries and powers our bodies as well.

I love being around water in any way that I can. It gives me healing and calm within my soul. Whether surfing or paddling or swimming I find most things come easier near the sea. There is nowhere like the sea to be.

And now I'm free to take one of my other passions into the water. I just bought a water housing for an upcoming project and the ability to show you what I see out in the ocean has me feeling like a kid.

The first two sessions with it have been incredibly frustrating and fruitful at the same time. Navigating the housing to change my settings is unnatural and add bobbing around in the sea to the equation and I've blown more than a few shots so far. I expose for one angle and a wave comes on the other side. A few serendipitous mistakes have occurred as well.

Both the morning and the sunset sessions were beautiful and made my fumbling still appear to be beautiful. I love how the light reflects on the waves and how the water releases from the pitching lip of a wave. I hope that you find a little of the peace and harmony I find while surfing by looking at these photos. I'll do my best to get better at this and enjoy every minute of being in the sea practicing.   


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