A Lovely Mountain Escape

June 20, 2015  •  6 Comments

I'm just throwing this out there. If you are looking to do a mountain wedding in NC then Sawyer Family Farmstead is certainly worth your attention. No doubt stunning in the spring and autumn as well this Christmas tree farm is an escape from the coastal heat. The staff is professional and they truly deliver a well run space with attention to detail. Let me take you there for a moment.

Sawyer Family Farmstead

Imagine driving down winding two lane roads discovering quaint and delicious mountain towns. Steep greenery stands on both sides until all of a sudden one side falls away and show you a crystal mountain lake. You wind your way up a hill and go down an even smaller road until you arrive at the farmstead. Maggie (dog) will greet you and show you around the stunning property. Complete with smaller lakes and a massive indoor barn venue delightfully finished.

Sawyer Family Farmstead Wedding Photo

You drop down the back steps and walk over a small bridge with water flowing beneath and emerge into a forest of Christmas trees. A beautiful path winds through the crisp green trees until you emerge atop a rolling hill covered in grass and clover. As it gently falls away you see the rolling mountains ringing the beautiful lake you previously drove by. Serene and beautiful are but a few words that come to mind when describing this place.

I heard many of the family and guests say that it was the best place they had ever seen for a wedding. Lets talk about them for a minute. It was an absolute honor to document such an important day for two absolutely wonderful families. Everyone let them true selves shine through the day and that made my job of capturing moving images that much easier. The light might have been all over the place throughout the day, but the love was always there.

There were so many beautiful moments to capture that was very grateful that the venue assisted my efforts with multiple golf cards to move people and a flexible staff to help me sneak away during moment of beautiful light. The couple nailed all these shots because they were so real and effortless for them. I just put them next to each other and love would shine through. I think they are both wonderful people who will certainly amuse each other and their friends for many years.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Ben & Lyndsey Northern.  


Hochzeitsfotograf Wien(non-registered)
You are very good wedding photographer i love your pictures and work.
Edward Bennett(non-registered)
Devin, you are a true professional, your mind is 10 steps ahead of where you should be to get the shot that no one would think of. Your pictures of Ben and Lyndsey's wedding were unbelievable and will be cherished and looked at over and over again Thanks again for a job WELL DONE.!!!!!! (proud father of the bride).
A secret spy(non-registered)
You guys looked like you had a boring time. Maybe you should log off
Pura Soul Photography
Thank you so much for your kind words! It was a wonderful event!
Carol Bennett (mother of the bride)(non-registered)
Devin, my daughters wedding was wonderful. I am so glad she chose YOU to capture the moments. The Farm was an awesome backdrop for beautiful pictures, beautiful faces and lots and lots of love. Nicole (SFF) was truly a rock...we leaned on her for a lot of magic moments and she came through. You are an incredible photographer, your 'eye' is magnificent. Thank you for being there for Lyndsey and Ben. Mi casa et su casa. Carol
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