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 Perspective and light make up so much of what I do. I believe it is the feeling of connection present in photography that allows the viewer to feel the moment. This connection is what makes great photographs powerful. I strive for this.

One of my biggest goals is to connect diverse perspectives through the medium of photography. I don't want you to just see photographs I take. I want you to feel them, and I want to as well. I don't show up to a wedding or a sunset without an open heart. I don't want to just perceive the moment from my lens. I want to look through their perspective and feel their beauty. It's about connecting perspectives to fill the frame and deciding how much light to let in.

Sunset on the Cape Fear River.

I'm positive that my childhood plays a huge role in my abilities as a photographer. My parents always taught me that I was a part of everything and left me outside to marvel at nature even from an early age. I remember just sitting in the grass watch the leaves of the apples trees blow in the breeze. I owe so much to both of them. They encouraged me to grow on every front and pushed me to be me. I was never trained as a photographer, but my life set me up to see.

A moment between a mother and daughter on a wedding day. Priceless.

When you do what your heart is meant to do you come alive. So on this day set aside for mother's I want to thank both my mother and father for all they have done. Having wonderful parents is a gift that children the world over are able to know, and each of us who have this gift know it is one of the best we can receive.

Spring in full bloom in North Carolina

On another note besides any additional blogs that are written and posted for inspirations sake I will be posting a blog every Saturday at noon eastern time until I enter a country where I don't have any internet. I know I haven't been posting regularly lately, but I will be back and trying to inspire and share with you and at a specific time so you know when to check in. May you all enjoy the richness of a diverse perspective and follow your light.   

A couple kissing in beautiful evening light.


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