Everybody Plays a Part

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I'm packing my bags for a wedding in DC this weekend and just reflecting on what a special time a wedding is. There are so many different people who come together to make the event so special. I love watching how everyone helps make everything come together and documenting the entire process. From your family both near and far to your friends both new and old to all of the service providers it truly is incredible how important everyone's role is.

I've seen so many different people step up and play both critically small and critically large roles in saving a wedding day. From a distant cousin filling all of the table decorations with dirt from the bushes so they wouldn't blow away to a best friend making a valiant stand that a thunderstorm was the approval of the heavens to a coordinator going above and beyond. Each of these acts helps tie together a very special day in someones life.  I applaud you.

This blog is a shout out to all you. Without all of you working your magic my job would be exponentially harder! I've got a list from a recent wedding and this could be described an intimate beach wedding with everyone staying in one giant beach house (except the photographer who picked a batch of oak trees to hang his hammock). Yet still so many people played a big role! Lets take a look!

No roads just beaches (4x4) access only made for a fun destination.

The ladies from Bombshell's came out in a sweet Jeep and made everyone look great!

Bombshell's Studio

A wedding coordinator that can dance and does a good job!  Sondra from An Outer Banks Affair was great.

Honeysuckle Events provided beautiful flowers and details

Looking sharp

Kelly's was on point with absolutely delicious food!

Mom steaming the flowers girls dress!  

Everything at the house named The Dream was beautiful!

Jesse played both the violin and the guitar for the day.

Atlantic Cake Company provided the dessert.

It was a hit!

Of course a friend to watch after four kids during the ceremony is priceless!

And when mother nature comes through with beautiful light that is a bonus!

Even better when you have good friends around to keep the atmosphere fun!

Sometimes a brother even officiates a wedding .

And a friend helps the music go on into the night.

But of course the most important of all...

Absolutely everyone!


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