An Incredible Wedding in Cuba

April 16, 2015  •  2 Comments

From the very first wedding that I shot I have been blessed with a client list of truly incredible people!  I truly enjoy capturing the memories of such an important day, and maybe that is in part because such good people have hired me.  I count my lucky stars when I recall of the genuine and fun moments that I have witnessed and captured over the years.  This last wedding in Cuba was truly a special one.

Distance in a relationship isn't easy.  Now add an embargo and travel restrictions.  Well it takes something special to survive all of that.  There was no rush only patience.  Francis and Manuel started their journey years ago.  Little could they have ever imagined the mountains they would move to be together.  I have been helping to run people-to-people cultural tours to Cuba and I now think that their should be a wedding as a part of each trip.  It doesn't get more people to people than a wedding with a bride and groom from different countries.  Simply an amazing event and held very close to the spot where their first met at an international book fair.

With some other countries sprinkled in the crowd there were about a hundred Americans and a hundred Cubans in attendance at the wedding.  Truly a cultural event that would reach across cultures and into peoples hearts.  There was not a dry eye on the lawn overlooking Havana during the ceremony and the feeling of admiration and jubilation for the couple ran through everyone.  In a pair of perfect gestures the Cuban father sang in English (he does not speak English) and the American father danced salsa for the father daughter dance (he had been secretly taking dancing lessons).

I don't normally include so many intro photos but I thought about what a role Cuba the country played in this relationship (if you are just dying for wedding pictures go to 3:15 in the video) and I thought is was appropriate.  I've just returned from Cuba where I saw the happy couple watch a rougher version of this with their Cuban family and it was such a blessing to watch all of their faces.  I'm sorry to have kept the rest of you waiting and bet that even those of you who are reading this and have no idea who they are will love the pics anyway!  So without further delay:

Francis & Manuel Wedding VideoA most romantic and beautiful wedding set in Havana, Cuba

If you want a link to this without the words I have written go to:

Also, for those of you who are wondering.  American citizens still have travel restrictions to Cuba.  I think it is important to go Legally.  Conscious Cuba is a wonderful organization that can facilitate this process and set you up with wonderful cultural tours of the country.  Check them out!


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