Warm Winter Nights in Havan

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 It truly is amazing that we can fly through the air and move around this world with so much ease. It is also incredible the different people that we meet. The conversations and insights that are so readily available anytime we choose to connect with whomever may be sitting next to us on this exciting journey.

Going to Cuba legally with Conscious Cuba

My bags are packed once again for the road and let me tell you how excited I am. The possibilities of what I'm about to experience are intoxicating. A world so close and yet so far removed from life in the US. So where is this destination that has me so excited? Cuba.

A world cut off from the world that I know and love, and one that promises to continue diversifying my perspective. I just can't stop thinking about what I might experience. That infectious Latino rhythm making its way down ancient streets. Slowly caressing the curves of ancient cars that still make their way down narrow streets. Finding its way into a grandmothers gate as she continues to work the block for the latest gossip. Maybe I'll stop and take her portrait. Maybe I'll be so engulfed in the whole experience I'll forget I have my camera (don't count on it although it does happen).

Cuba has been in the news a lot recently and for good reason. Our governments have barely spoken to each other openly for so many years. Restrictions are being eased and travel is becoming easier. Although for citizens of the US it still isn't that easy to go legally. And unless you're practicing to become a double agent why not take advantage of legal options that are available. For me that is where Conscious Cuba come into play.

I care a lot about the types of people that I work with. To the core Conscious Cuba is about providing authentic cultural travel. Really it is a way of being more than a marketing strategy. I feel that I become richer when I travel and although I can't pay rent with the currency I can feel it in my bones that it is worth something. And the more authentic the moments the more they add to this.

I think this is why organizations like Conscious Cuba are so important in this world. They are cultural connectors who care about their impact on both sides of the experience. They stand for understanding and connection and foster positivity and opportunity, and they make it easy for a multitude of people to have this experience.

I mean is it easy to have an incredible cultural experience in another country? It is easier than one might think if you have all the time in the world and are willing to go through some hardships to get there. But who has that much time? That is why people who facilitate this process are important and deserve our support. I'm blessed to work with two other organizations that fulfill this model as well. They are Operation Smile and Lifeworks International.

I am so fortunate to be constantly in awe of what the people around me accomplish all the time. What I've done is nothing in comparison. But I'm not done just yet…



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