Happy Day of the Lovers!

February 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 I like the way Valentines Day is mentioned in Cuba. It is called the day of the lovers! Well to all you lovers out there whether you are a couple, or artist, or fighter freedom today is your day. Love in all of its forms is a wonderful thing to have in our life. May it's light shine upon or through you today. I've been traveling again and find myself sitting at a terminal in Manila heading on another Operation Smile mission. This blog is for all of you lovers out there.

Traveling and falling in love have a very similar effect on us. All of a sudden our senses come bursting to life and every moment seems to carry possibility with it. The simple act of waking up in the morning takes on an entire new meaning just as we try and wait until the last moment to slip into another nights slumber. Our senses are turned up and we are experience life at a heightened level.

Some places turn on our senses more than others. For me Cuba is a most special place to travel to. It is a world so different from my own. It is a world that turns my senses on hyper aware and offers up many artistic treats. One where the spirit of art and love flow as freely as an untamed river in spite of years of difficulty.

So many people carry within them a spark of creativity but never let it burn. I think the Cuban people are such an inspiration towards art. So many of them have been forced to creatively pursue artistic endeavors without many resources. The smiles and warmth in their spaces are as reassuring as a warm hug from a loved one that life is meant to be beautiful no matter what your circumstance.

You can create a sense of place of purpose even without many resources. Much of this seems to start within ourselves rather than in the space we have and then as it overflows from ourselves it begins to fill up the space around us.

One of my favorite artists has left no door unpainted or pain of glass untouched. His home and studio have merged into a beautiful explosion of art. No matter where you turn there is another art project all with the significance that we need to keep creating. That through artistic living we are channeling something greater than ourselves.

Really no matter what happens in this life we still have the ability to love and create. In them we can find an immense depth of freedom and fulfillment. A Cuban told me you know what else are you going to do when things get tough, love and art are both free to create and make our lives richer. This power we do have.

So my lovlies go out and create today. Spread your love around and make this world better for having known your person. Get lost in the beauty that you can find around you. Look at your own world just like a traveler does when enchanted by the unknown. Happy Valentines to you all!  




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