Dolphins, Love, and Paddle Boarding

December 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's not every first day of December when it is in the 70s and perfect outside.  Watching the waves on the beach in the morning I noticed a lot of dolphins playing a few hundred yards off the beach.  I had a lot of work to do, but a break couldn't hurt?  After all some of my great friends where starting their own paddle board adventure this very day in the Caribbean (More on this at the bottom!).  So I tossed my camera in my waterproof bag and paddled out.

The dolphins actually seemed to interact with me as I paddled around.  Especially the younger dolphins.  They would swim circles around me and under my paddle board!  Some of the best interactions took place while paddling so no pics (but I'm working on figuring out how to paddle and photograph at the same time).  It was almost as if they would even take joy in hearing me cheer.  

A few times I worried that they would think it was funny to knock the human into the water.

But thankfully this pod of dolphins was nicer than that.  They stayed near me for almost an hour and when I returned to shore some people thought I had been feeding them.  I wasn't, but I was so lucky to have this encounter on a beautiful Monday.  

One of my friends commented on how different my Monday was from hers.  Well I'm not saying that I wasn't so lucky to have this experience, but my work day didn't end until midnight last night, but it was totally worth taking a longer break during the late morning.  And it made me feel a little better for not being on an amazing paddle board adventure with my friends (my finances just couldn't quite cover the trip), but I'm so excited for them!  They will be part of the first team to ever circumnavigate Martinique by paddle board!  Quite an adventure and one I very much wish I was on.  You can check them out at:

Truly shaping up to be quite an adventure!  

And I promised love for this post.  Yes I'm chest deep in wedding photos and trying to pull the whole story together.  Here are some images that I hope you enjoy.

A beautiful moment with the flower girl

Of course there is always a lot of competition at weddings these days, but as log as they are smiling like this I welcome them :)

Makeup in a VW.  Priceless.



The happy couple.

They hosted one hell of a party!

And shared quite a few laughs through the day.

Well back to editing.....


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