From the Road in Guatemala

November 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

An update from the road.  A very familiar place in my life currently.  Almost feels like home.  Probably because every reunion of an Operation Smile mission feels like a family reuniting to celebrate hope and help as many children as we can.  I'm currently located in Guatemala City with an absolutely fantastic team.  We are on day three of surgery and have been performing about 20 surgeries a day.  I'm never ceased to be amazed by how incredible each mission feels.  

Here in Guatemala the colors and the eyes of the people strike me every morning.  The city is blessed with crisp and bright light that bounces down the hallway every morning towards the entrance of the operating rooms.  My morning are spent bouncing around and playing peekaboo before dressing in scrubs to enter the OR and document the amazing work taking place.  

Here are some of my favorites from the last few days with a  little explanation of each photo:

One of our guests on the mission (think amazing people who help with fund raising) making the most of her time here and getting so many great smiles out of this lovely baby.  

A beautiful family being lit by beautiful soft light flowing through a plastic roof.

Look at those eyes!  Amazing!  Hanging under a huge tent with bright sun coming in all around the edges.

So much love all around on a mission with Operation Smile.  I love being surrounded by so much love and compassion.

Two of the women who help make everything happen!  The in country executive director and the clinical coordinator of the mission.  Both amazing people!

Getting ready for surgery!  A pretty sweet little outfit and the light just bouncing off the walls down the hall.

You can feel the love that our local pediatrician has for all of the patients.  Bad light.  Beautiful moment.


The local hospital has been so incredibly welcoming and supportive of our team that they have certainly helped our mission be a success.  They have given us their blessings in more ways than one.

Sometimes you just need to have a dance party.  Our child life specialist know this all too well.  A little dancing to ward off pre-surgery stress.

Or maybe some costume fun in the morning with your nurse.

Heading to surgery in the morning sun.

Fun with a nurse while waiting for surgery helps the time go by.

Smiles all the way into the OR about to receive anesthesia.

A life being changed.

Compassionate and competent car all the way through the process.  A patient makes friends with one of the night nurses.

I hope so.

Another local with beautiful eyes.

Some local marimba artists making the streets more lively.


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