A Wilmington Wedding

October 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

I'm so tired and my time clock is off.  The sun is still far from setting but I feel like it is the middle of the night, but I have good internet again!  The trip to the Congo was a huge success on many levels.  Although sadly it has kept a wonderful couple and their families waiting for their wedding photos!  I tried every hot spot I could find in Lumbumbashi but could never load these photos.  I truly hope they are worth the wait, for if they aren't moving and beautiful then I did not do my job because their wedding was all of the above.

I knew that Greg was a good man, but I didn't know his fiance very well.  One of the many gifts of shooting a wedding is getting to know the people very well in a short period of time.  Their wedding day was a swarm of smiles and tears of the most compassionate and caring kind.  Love and respect was flowing not only between the bride and groom but between the families and friends as well.  This couple has a wonderful support system and many reasons to stay together.  Perhaps with this little slide show intro being the icing on the cake.  I hope the two of you can hold yourselves in half the light that your wonderful families do.  It was apparent watching and documenting this event how much you give to those around you.  It was an honor and pleasure to create these images that will let you relive the day into the future.

Stay wonderful and good luck drinking all that left over booze!


Betty and David Guay(non-registered)
Devin - we cannot thank you enough for capturing such beautiful moments in Greg, Brandi, Caleb and Noah's day! The slide show is gorgeous and will be cherished. And one of the things about your work that day, you blended in and were so unobtrusive that I don't think people even realized you there. Thank you so much for a gift that will last us all a lifetime.
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